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Do you have Arrowhead® brand hose bibs with leaking anti-siphon devices?

Are you fed-up with the very low flow of water caused by the inherent restriction of these devices?
Can’t find an adapter for the fine thread on the hose bib to the coarse thread of the garden hose?

We have a solution for you!

We had the same problem, so we began selling these adapters in 2007!
These adapters are made in the USA from solid brass bar stock and come with a rubber washer!
By eliminating anti-siphon parts, you gain nearly twice the water flow (gpm) from the same hose!

Fine Thread (female)
Hose Bib End

Fine Thread Female Hose Bib End
Coarse Thread (male)
Garden Hose End

straight through design hose bib adapter
Straight Through Fitting Design!
No Anti-Siphon Fitting Parts to Limit Water Flow
or Leaking Internal Parts to Replace.

Arrowhead Brand Hose Bib
Arrowhead® Brand Hose Bib with
Anti-Siphon Device Attached

Use a Pipe Wrench or Slip-Joint Pliers to Remove Arrowhead® Anti-Siphon Device.
Be Careful!
Heat the Anti-Siphon Device Threads if Necessary.
Do Not Over Heat.
Hose Bib

Screw on your new hose bib adapter

EASY, Just Screw on Your Hose Bib Adapter.

You are Now Ready to Connect Your Garden Hose and  Enjoy High Water Flow With This Fitting..

higher water pressure hose bib

American Flag
God Bless the USA!

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We sell BOTH sizes of adapters!

Part Number: ADP1

ADP1 1-1/16 fine thread hosebib adapter

Part Number: ADP2

ADP2 1-1/5" Fine thread hosebib adapter

ADP1 hosebib adapter 1-1/16" fine thread

ADP1 Hosebib Adapter
1-1/16" fine thread
$12.00 +shipping

ADP2 1-188" hosebib adapter fine thread

ADP2 Hosebib Adapter
1-1/8" fine thread
$18.00 +shipping

For bulk quanities of 50 or more please email request for a quote

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Our adapters work on Arrowhead brand hose bibs only.
Arrowhead brand has one of these 2 logos cast into them in plain view.
Arrowhead Brand

Our replacement hose bib adapters are not anti-siphon devices.

We are an independant sales center and not affiliated with ABP®

Disclaimer: It is the responsiblity of the buyer to have the means and/or access
to basic plumbing tools and knowledge required to remove the Arrowhead®
brand anti-siphon device without damaging the hosebib or building structure.

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